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Children's zone


Heaven for children. Paradise for parents.

Surroundings which ensure a relaxing atmosphere are one thing. But a place where adults can truly relax along with their children is another.


Relaxing in a sauna, reading a good book by the fireplace, spending a quiet evening with a glass of wine...to enable you to really relax, your children need an exciting place to play.


At Willa Olga, we have created the ideal conditions for relaxation of the whole family. We have carefully designed a place where children have everything they need to simply have fun.


The colourful carpet in the Children's Zone can masquarade as a big city, the tent - an Indian teepee; the table and chairs can be used to organise a party for dolls and teddy bears.


Outside in the garden, a wooden Winnie-the-Pooh hut awaits, which the children can use in countless ways. The only limit is their imagination.


In the morning, afternoon and evening - your children can spend the whole day realising an unlimited array of playtime ideas. And this will ensure that adults have the perfect relaxation they hope for.



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